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Greater Manchester

Voluntary Sector Support

Disabled Living (www.disabledliving.co.uk)
Gerry has been President of Disabled Living for over 10 years. The charity is in its 120th year and their aim is to support people to maintain independence and enhance and improve their lives.

Re:Dish (www.re-dish.org)
Re:dish is a community based charity, set up by Gerry's Chaplain, Rev. Angie Stanton of St Elisabeth's Church, Reddish to improve the lives of everyone in Reddish.

Wai Yin Society (www.waiyin.org.uk)
Wai Yin was set up in 1988 and provides women and parenting, employment, education and crisis support services to Chinese individuals and families, as well as other ethnic minority groups. The charity aims to challenge all forms of discrimination and social exclusion.

Greater Manchester High Sheriff's Police Trust (www.gmhspt.org)
The Trust supports projects that reduce crime and fear of crime in our communities, so that together we can find practical solutions to crime challenges and make Greater Manchester a better place to live and work.

Chinese Health Information Centre (www.chinese-health.org.uk)
CHIC was established in 1987 to help the Chinese community in Manchester to access the Health Service.

Local Chinese Sunday Schools
Which teach British born Chinese not only their mother tongue but also traditions and history.


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