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Voluntary Sector Support

LIVERPOOL HOMELESS FOOTBALL CLUB -‘More than just football’ 
I’ve been lucky enough to spend all of my life with a roof over my head. A simple statement, but for too many people, homelessness is a harsh reality. For many, tragic circumstance has led to them being on the streets, for some a list of complex issues underpin their homelessness. This volunteer led organisation, using football to bring solutions, self respect and life change back to men and women who need it most, both inspired and humbled me. 
Since establishing the league in 2007, they have broken down myths and stereotypes affecting homeless people.Their focus on moving lives forward for those who so often can’t see any way forward produces real, effective results which deserve our support. 

CELLS PROJECT -‘showing young people the reality of a life behind bars’ 
Working in the legal profession reinforced how essential it is that we raise awareness with young people about the consequences of crime. For some, the role models around them present a glamourised view of crime and we must address that -for their future and the future of all of our communities. 
CELLS is a groundbreaking charity helping young people face the myth that ‘Prison is easy’...The CELLS Prisonon Wheels is a replica prison cell using prison furniture and equipment. It shows the reality of life in prison in ahard hitting and educational experience. 
Their team is made up mainly of rehabilitated ex-offenders plus victims of crime, abuse and violence who together show the negative impacts of crime on people and communities. 
The charity successfully encourages young people into other activities like sport and leisure,training and career development.With our support they can continue to deliver very real and effective solutions to our community. 

ADHD FOUNDATION LTD -‘promoting inclusion in mental health, education & employment’.
Mental health challenges are a topic close to my heart. The impact these issues have on individuals, families and wider society is hugely signi.cant for us all. 
Over 90% of those in young offender institutions have a neurodevelopment disorder or mental health problem.This charity works passionately to support young people,their families,schools,GPs,hospitals andmany more.Their Annual Conference is the largest of its kind in the country. 
By bringing together all involved parties,they make a real difference to the lives of our young people who face enormous daily challenges because of mental health issues. 


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