Links National Crimebeat is the charity of the Shrievalty Association, The Association of High Sheriffs of England and Wales. The charity encourages young people to get involved with crime reduction activities and create safer communities. This is done through a network of local Crimebeat Schemes, which High Sheriffs have set up in their Counties of Office. National Association of City and Town Sheriffs of England and Wales (NACTSEW). The Clerk to the Privy Council records the outcomes of Meetings of the Lords of the Council in the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of Justice, including those relating to inclusion on the role of persons in nomination for the Office of High Sheriff. This includes: About the Queen’s Remembrancer – a description of: the origins of the oldest judicial post to remain in continuous existence since the Middle Ages; the Quit Rents Ceremony; Trial of the Pyx; Nomination of High Sheriffs, and Appointment of Commissioners in The Royal Forest of Dean. The official website of the British monarchy. Established in 1665, the Gazette is the official journal of record for State matters covering proclamations and appointments, including the appointment of High Sheriffs.