Voluntary Sector Support

It is estimated that nearly 400,000 people at any one time, undertake some form of charity or voluntary work in Essex, whether it is running the local scout group, volunteering on the SOS buses, working to help troubled young people, ensuring that elderly people keep safe in their homes or giving time freely in some form of service, for example as a special constable. It is this dedication and devotion to our local communities that makes our society what it is today.

The High Sheriff plays an essential role in being able to visit, encourage and support community groups and volunteers. The High Sheriff’s post is unpaid and the individual receives no expenses, so he or she can therefore also be seen as an Essex volunteer.

Since Saxon times, High Sheriffs have been associated with Law and Order. Today they give their support to people who strive to make their communities safer places in which to live and work.

During their year of office, the High Sheriff raises money for the High Sheriffs’ Fund which was established in Essex in 1997 to reward community initiatives that address crime and anti-social behaviour. The Fund is managed and administered by Essex Community Foundation (ECF), an independent grantmaking charitable trust.

At the end of their year, the High Sheriff presents grants and certificates at a special awards ceremony to voluntary groups and individuals that are tackling local problems. To view a list of the latest awards click here.

Grants are made annually from the High Sheriffs’ Fund. The programme opens in September and the deadline date for applications is 1 December. To apply for a grant please contact Essex Community Foundation on 01245 355947 or visit their website www.essexcommunityfoundation.org.uk

High Sheriffs Awards

The High Sheriffs’ Fund is managed by the independent grantmaking charitable trust, Essex Community Foundation (ECF).

Successive High Sheriffs help to grow the endowed Fund by organising fundraising events and encouraging donations. This enables ECF to deliver an annual grants programme and provide funding, in perpetuity, to support the work of voluntary and community groups that are tackling crime and contributing to community safety in Essex.

Since the High Sheriffs’ Fund was established in 1997, over £600,000 has been awarded in grants.

2020/2021 – to read more about this year’s awards and view a full list of grants click here

Julie Fosh presents a certificate and grant to Waltham Abbey Youth 2000 for their work supporting young people through activities and counselling, to help them keep safe and well.

Ormiston Families received the coveted High Sheriffs’ Shield for their work helping children across Essex to deal with having a parent or carer in prison.

To view more photos and videos of Julie presenting certificates and awards Click Here



County History

Essex is a diverse county, steeped in history, where rural communities sit alongside urban ones. Essex has a population of around 1.8 million living in fourteen Districts, two of which, Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock, are unitary authorities. To find out more about what Essex has to offer visit www.visitessex.com/discover/cultural/ 

The records show that Essex has had a High Sheriff since the Norman Conquest. For most of the years up to 1567 the shrievalty of Essex was combined with that of Hertfordshire. A full list is held by the Under Sheriff of the County.


1900 Henry Collings Wells
1901 Ernest James Wythes
1902 Robert Cunliffe Gosling
1903 Col Richard Percival Davis
1904 James Noah Paxman
1905 Thomas Fowell Victor Buxton
1906 Christopher William Parker
1907 Charles Ernest Ridley
1908 William Nocton
1909 John Henry Horton
1910 Ralph Frederic Bury
1911 Reginald Duke Hill
1912 Capt Horatio Fraser Kemble RN JP DL (died 26 May 1912)
1912 James Tabor (appointed 14 May 1912)
1913 Charles James Round
1914 Henry Basham Dickinson
1915 Sir Drummond Cunliffe Smith Bt
1916 Samuel Augustine Courtauld
1917 Charles Edmund Gooch
1918 Sir Frederick Green
1919 John James DumvilleBotterell
1920 Montagu Edward Hughes-Hughes
1921 William Julien Courtauld
1922 Lt-Col Francis Henry Douglas Charlton Whitmore CMG DSO
1923 Maj Guy Gilbey Gold
1924 Lt-Col Sir Frederic Carne Rasch Bt
1925 Maj Richard King Magor
1926 Lt-Col Eustace Hill DSO TD
1927 Maj William Sullivan Gosling
1928 Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton
1929 Brig-Gen Kenneth John Kincaid-Smith CB CMG DSO
1930 Brig-Gen John Tyson Wigan CB CMG DSO TD DL
1931 MajNevill Arthur Charles de Hirzel Tufnell
1932 Harold McCorquodale
1933 MajHerbert Leslie Melville Tritton
1934 Lt-Col Edward North Buxton MC
1935 Lt-Col Frank Hilder
1936 Capt Gerald Murray Strutt
1937 Maj Forrester Colvin Watson OBE MC
1938 Sir James Adam CBE KC
1939 Col Stuart Sidney Mallinson. CBE DSO MC
1940 Maj Wyndham Birch DSO MBE
1941 Capt John Kidston Swire
1942 Col Richard Cecil Oxley Parker TD
1943 Lt-Col Hubert Ashton MC DL
1944 Wing-Comm Denis Alfred Jex Buxton JP DL
1945 Sir Adam Beattie Ritchie
1946 William Whitmore Otter-Barry
1947 Brig-Gen Claud Edward Charles Graham Charlton CB CMG DSO
1948 Lt-Col John Oxley Parker TD DL
1949 Lt-Col Victor Alexander Gascoyne-Cecil
1950 Lt-Col Vernon Stewart Laurie OBE TD DL
1951 Maj George Nigel Capel-Cure, TD DL JP
1952 Col Francis CollingwoodDrake
1953 Augustine Courtauld
1954 Lt-Col Philip Valentine Upton MBE TD DL JP
1955 Samuel Ranulph Allsopp CBE DL
1956 Lt-Col James Gray Round DL
1957 Norman Selwyn Pryor DL
1958 Lt-Col William Douglas Gosling MBE TD
1959 Maj Geoffrey Benyon Hoare
1960 Charles Hubert Archibald Butler
1961 Christopher William Oxley Parker
1962 Douglas Gurney Pelly
1963 Col Hugh Edward Hunter Jones CBE MC TD JP DL
1964 Brig Edward Joseph Todhunter TD DL
1965 Andrew Hunter Carnwath
1966 Sir Nigel Edward Strutt TD DL
1967 Guy Edward Ruggles-Brise TD DL
1968 MajNicholas Norman Norman-Butler TD DL
1969 The Hon Richard Clive Butler
1970 Lt-Col Mark Frederic Strutt MC TD DL
1971 Allan James Vincent Arthur MBE DL
1972 Aubrey Leland Oakes Buxton MC
1973 Gerald Colville Seymour Curtis OBE
1974 Lt-Col Richard George Judd TD DL
1975 Ronald Edward Tritton
1976 Lt-Col Richard Wingate Collins-Charlton OBE DSC DL
1977 Edmund Hoyle Vestey DL
1978 Robert Peter Laurie OBE DL
1979 Alastair Brian Clarke Harrison DL
1980 John Edward Tabor OBE DL
1981 Gerald Anthony Charrington DL
1982 Col Richard Bennett Gosling OBE TD DL
1983 Hubert Gaitskell Ashton DL
1984 Peter Buchanan Lake TD DL
1985 David William Rushbrooke Evans TD DL
1986 Murray David Maitland Keddie DL
1987 Julius Arthur Sheffield Neave CBE DL
1988 Leonard Fitch Ratcliff DSO DFC & Bar C de G
1989 Leslie Alan Jordan DL
1990 Peter Gavin Lee DL
1991 Michael William Clark CBE DL
1992 Alan George Tritton CBE DL
1993 Christopher Spencer Gosling DL
1994 Mrs Evelyn Bridgett Patricia Ward-Thomas DL
1995 Christopher Ferens Pertwee DL
1996 Peter Thomas Thistlethwayte DL
1997 Robert Felix Erith TD DL
1998 Robin George Newman DL
1999 George Ronald Capel-Cure
2000 John Giles Selby Coode-Adams, OBE DL
2001 George Courtauld DL
2002 David Thomas Alan Boyle JP DL
2003 Mark TreanorThomasin-Foster CBE DL
2004 Andrew Charles Streeter DL
2005 Mrs Jennifer Mary Tolhurst JP DL
2006 Christopher Dudley Stewart-Smith CBE DL
2007 Lady (Diana Elizabeth) Kemp-Welch DL
2008 Mrs Sarah Courage DL
2009 Rupert Gosling DL
2010 Michael Hindmarch DL
2011 Lady (Rosemary) Ruggles-Brise DL
2012 Christopher David Palmer-Tomkinson
2013 Mrs Julia Abel Smith DL
2014 Nicholas Charrington DL
2015 Vincent Thompson
2016 Mrs Lorna Rolfe JP
2017 Simon Hall MBE
2018 Bryan Burrough
2019 Dr James Bettley JP DL
2020 Julie Fosh


The Essex High Sheriffs’ Fund is managed by Essex Community Foundation (reg. charity no. 1052061). For information about the High Sheriffs’ Fund in Essex and how to apply for an Award please visit the Foundation’s website at www.essexcommunityfoundation.org.uk

Essex Police: www.essex.police.uk/

Essex Fire Department : www.essex-fire.gov.uk

Essex County Council: www.essex.gov.uk/

To find out all that is going on in the County of Essex visit the website: www.visitessex.com